Thursday, May 2, 2013

For You

It's a beautiful spring day here, and I've spent it spring cleaning!  I did manage to get in a nice walk this morning and enjoyed the nice, crisp breeze.  We had a bit of a scare over the weekend.  I noticed that my elderly neighbor (the one I mentioned in last week's post) had not taken in her newspaper or opened the curtains on her window, which is something she always does.  At first, I thought she went to her daughter's for the weekend.  Something just kept nagging at me, so I asked neighbor who lives next door to her if she knew whether she was home.  Fortunately, she had the woman's daughter's phone number but she lives about a half hour away.  The police and ambulance came and got in her house.  At first, they thought she had a stroke.  As it turns out, she had gone into diabetic shock.  I just mention this because I think it is important to watch out for any neighbor who lives alone even if they are self sufficient.  Thank goodness, she is fine.

On a lighter note, I have been working on projects for Mother's Day.  One of my aunts recently gave me some crocheted doilies she never finished as well as some old pieces of jewelry.  She thought I might be able to use them on projects.  So, this set is for her since she is also my godmother.

The card and box were made using Webster's Pages papers, fabric ribbon (Hollywood Vogue), and push pin.  I cut apart one of the doilies and glued it to the top of the container which used to hold moisturizer.  The black beads are from a bracelet that was in the bag of jewelry from my aunt.

The crocheted edge did not go entirely around the lid, so I glued a black satin bow to cover that space.  The flower and leaves are from Recollections.  I tucked in some fronds made from a Martha Stewart punch that were spritzed with gold and silver Glimmer Mist around the flower.  Here is a closer look.

Next up is a card to go along with the box.  Another Martha Stewart punch was used for the doily border, and a strip of Simplicity lace really adds an elegant touch.  The jeweled center of the white Recollections flower is from the same bracelet as the beads used on the container.  A couple of fronds and a push pin are tucked around the flower.  I don't have a stamp that says "For You" but I did have one that said "For Your Thoughtfulness."  I simply just inked the "For You" part and stamped that on the tag.  The strip of pearls are Recollections.

Well, that's it for me today.  I'm working on another container to go along with a vintage tag I made.  These containers are perfect to hold a piece of jewelry and are fun to make.  Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy May!


  1. Wow, Patty, both of these are SO pretty, and elegant..I love the lacey touches, gorgeous!

  2. My goodness thankfully you were able to help your neighbor.. I hope she is recovering ok.. And these two creations are really lovely, It is so good to re-use things and give them a new lease on life.. I always love black and white, it is so lovely and looks elegant!!

  3. OMGoodness, Patty! Thank goodness you were keeping an eye out and were able to get help to your elderly neighbor! SO glad this story has a happy ending!
    And your gift set is absolutely stunning! Of course I love that Webster's paper! :) And how beautiful are the doily and jewelry pieces your aunt gave you! I love what you did with the doily around the edge of the box, and adding the bow to the blank spot is just brilliant. LOVE that large purple bloom on top and LOVE what you did with the black beads. Gorgeous matching card, too!
    I bet your aunt is going to love this!

  4. Oh my!!! Such beauty with your gorgeous card and decorative box! Love those silhouettes, paper, trims and recycled jewelry! The purple flower is so pretty! And, what a fabulous person you are to watch out for your neighbor! So happy all ended well! Have a wonderful weekend, hugs!

  5. absolutely beautiful creations Patty!!! very very elegant ♥
    love your profile picture with your cute pup!! :)

  6. Lovely creations! Love the colour-combo!

  7. Such a good and observant neighbor you are! Thanks to you, your neighbor is doing well!
    Love your card and decorative box - very elegant!

  8. Hi Patty! Your neighbor is lucky to have you near by! Hope she's better. Your creations are lovely.....Beautifully done! Happy Mother's Day!