Sunday, March 18, 2018

Shabby Chic Bird's Nest

Hi everyone!  Hope all is going well with you.  It has been an eventful week at our house from family illnesses to plumbing emergencies to carbon monoxide scare.  I am hoping this week will be more positive!

Recently, a friend and I did a shabby chic bird's nest swap inspired by Jennifer Stevens at Ooh LaLa Vintage Treasures.  The nest is displayed on a bedspring.  A doily was starched and shaped to create the nest.  From there, it was just adding various lace trims, appliques, bling, yarn, more doilies, eggs, and, of course, the bird.  There is a picture overload, so please sit back and enjoy.

I began by painting the bedspring with gesso and then covering it with trims, lace, appliques and bling.

This is a view of the completed nest from the top.  I wanted to make sure you could see the tiny eggs I tucked in by the bird.

The rest of the photos show the nest from various angles.

The link for Jennifer's creation is at  I just used whatever I found in my stash. 

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and if you read through this long post!  I appreciate reading your sweet comments.  Have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Oh my goodness Patty, how adorable. I never thought a bed spring could look this good. Your sweet sparkly bird looks so comfortable sitting in its nest of lace and feathers. Love this project.
    Julie x

  2. Oh my, how incredibly gorgeous is this! Such a gorgeous little masterpiece! I absolutely adore it!

  3. Oh my I hope you have a very uneventful week after all the drama you mentioned.... I love your sweet bird in a nest, it looks so soft and oh so pretty... a beautiful creation to behold.. Have a good week..

  4. Well I was hoping to read good news that your power was back on, but instead it seems like the hits just keep on coming! So sorry that this crap is happening to you, but I'm glad you're still making time to craft. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I've been dying to get here to see this ever since I saw it on facebook, so gorgeous and so creative to use a bed spring!

    The weather here has been so dull and grey, I would actually call it a complete lack of weather!! No sun, no rain, no snow, just grey, grey and more grey. Good thing I have tons of new crafting supplies to play with. lol. Still haven't brought myself to pick up my camera, but I did take a walk to the lake the other day to check out the gazillion seagulls that were making a ruckus. lol. Well I hope you have a great week my friend, sending hugs :)

  5. Oh dear Patty! I hope you stay safe and warm! Your project is gorgeous! So elegant and frilly! Obviously made with lots of love!

  6. Oh, wow! What an amazing creation, Patty! Love all the detail with the feathers and trim! And, the pink bird is very pretty! Lovely flowers, too! I hope things are going much better for you this week! Take care, hugs!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous Patty! Beautiful creation ♥

  8. Such a beautiful vintage inspired creation, Patty! This has such a fabulous girly Victorian feel to it with all those trims and bling details. How unique to use a bed spring as the base! Love the pink bird! <3
    Hope this week is going more smoothly for you! Hugs

  9. Patty, I hope you are over all your bumps in the road! Sounds like you can use a change of venue!

    In the midst of all this chaos, you still manage to make my heart skip a beat with your shabby bird's nest! Gorgeous dimensional project and so clever to use a bed spring! Wow! Where does one even find something like that? Pinning this in case I ever come across one! My daughter has an old antique bed...I wonder if she would notice if one little spring was missing???? Tee Hee!